Spirits Ring Phones?

Can a spirit ring a phone and even communicate on it?

Rev. Pamla Ashlay McPherson

 All of spirit life is electromagnetic fields of energy. The currents of the phone lines can in fact be affected by those fields of energy, which makes it possible for a spirit to ring a phone.

Sound vibrations are also consistent with the electromagnetic fields and can be transferred through those fields. It is possible then for an independent voice to be heard over a phone line, just as it is possible to be heard in the air.

 A spirit however, would not use such an instrument for communications, unless there was significance to such an act. It is also known that spirits will communicate through the use of other electrical means, such as recorders and televisions, as their energy is more attuned to those lines of communication. They understand how to penetrate the patterns of energy used for the transfer of information across these media.

 Remember their voices are on frequencies much similar to those of radio frequencies and it is only a matter of tuning to those frequencies as you would tune to the station on your radio dial. Again, you would do that by changing the frequency of your own magnetic field of energy. The best way to begin to do that is through meditation.

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Pamla is Owner of The Voice of Spirit, a business in Wisconsin, USA dedicated to communication with the world of Spirit and the personal Spiritual Growth of those here on the Earth. Pamla is a Psychic Medium, Healer, and Teacher. She has been working with the Spirit World since the age of four and takes her Spiritual Work very seriously. She has spent her life serving humanity both here and here after.
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  1. Diane Sigler says:

    My mother had just gotten home from Arizona where she spends every winter. It was the first year she had gone by herself after my Dad passed over. She went to the phone to play the messages that had accrued over the past couple days. She always had the phone turned on a couple days before arriving home. One message was static, but sounded a bit odd to her. She deleted it without thinking and immediately was sorry she did that. She stated that she knew instantly after deleting, that it was her husband. She never actually heard a voice, but instinctively knew. My mother believes wholeheartedly in life after death, but usually requires a lot of proof for her to be convinced. So when she told me it was Dad, I believed her.

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